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Are you looking for a competitive advantage over your competitors? In-Die fastening gives your business the competitive advantage you have been seeking. Let us provide you an in-die clinching solution that helps eliminate your secondary welding or clinching processes with a solution that is part of your existing stamping die. We design and build Clinch Solution™ insertion tooling completely here at our Technology Center. This process is the most cost-effective solution for high volume fastener installation applications.

The biggest fear you might have with in-die clinch tooling is understanding the process. We understand these fears, so we support your engineering team from the initial die design through your full stamping production. We have In-Die Clinch Tooling 101 Classes at our Technology Center that can provide you hands-on solutions with all of the answers you need to get started. Our team will help you facilitate the die design process by using Go-to Meetings to communicate with your team. We can even offer a final die design review of the clinching station of your die to insure your success. We provide you with trouble shooting support from the initial trial run, through the production life of your tool.

After you are up and running your first parts, we then support you with keeping you going. We provide standard parts in-stock ready to ship to you when you need them. While most basic repairs and maintenance can be done in your own tool room, some repairs may require the expertise of our team. You can ship your units back to our Tech Center and we can rebuild them to the original manufacturing settings. We do all this to provide you with a seamless In-Die Clinching solution.

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