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Our team at Hess Industries has created a new way for doors to open without passing the germs from one's hands onto the door handle's surface. Our hands-free door handle attachment is printed using our industrial-grade 3D printers and can be attached to any door handle. Let us provide you with a solution that can reduce the spread of viruses and germs from person to person throughout your whole organization.

When you grab a door handle, especially in a hospital, there are germs and viruses on that handle that can be spread. We wanted to create something so you could open the door without using your hands. This product has been used in Avita Health Systems, OhioHealth Mansfield, as well as other hospitals in Ohio. It can easily be unattached to be disinfected in a dishwasher or with any disinfectant.

Our current product is 3D printed out of Onyx material (Nylon with chopped carbon fiber). We are in the process of building the production tool needed to make a plastic version of the product.

For further information on this product, send an email to: mail@hessindltd.com

In your email please attach a picture of your door handle to make sure it will fit. We would also need you to open the door and take a picture of the latch so we can read what type of latch that you have on your door. See sample pictures below.

Lever Door Handle
Door Latch